tannaz motevalli

Interior Feeling / Exterior Containing (March 2018)

She/her (March 2017)

This video was made in collaboration with Violet Eckles-Jordan as the collaborative duo, SOFT MATTER.

This piece is about the magic of the changing female body. This piece is about finding hope in that change. This piece was made during a time when Violet was deciding whether or not to take hormones. Violet and I drew a balloon on the each other's left breasts, now they are permanent tattoos. In attempts of finding a productive way to compare our two bodies within a cis/trans binary, this tattoo paired with our alternating texts represent the ways we are similar and the ways we are different, and the beauty of the spaces in between.

I'm Pregnant (September 2014)

I'm expecting, something. Something is expecting. There are expectations. Expectations must be met. I'm late. I'm expecting it to come. It doesn't. They are excited, am I? What do I expect? What should one expect, when expecting? I'm not actually expecting. The body expects, or perhaps the mind. They are separate, body and mind, very separate. There's a slight delay. One expects, pause, a moment later, a signal is heard, the other now, too, expects. My voice reverberates, against the cavernous space between my body and my mind. One sends the signal, the other waits for it, expectantly. Signal received, the sound vibrates around again. Who was that, who screamed? Am I happy?