Tannaz Motevalli is a second-generation Iranian-American performance artist, writer, and thinker. She grew up in Baltimore, MD, but is now based out of Chicago, IL. Her multidisciplinary practice, often starting from the central act and practice of writing, explores a variety of ideas and concepts including invisible disability/illness and its relationship to the performing body, the mediated and technological body, fantasies of the reproductive/reproducing body, performance lecture as a methodology for personal narrative, and exploring notions of interiority, self-containment, and self-actualization within the female erotic landscape. Tannaz has performed and exhibited works in the International Museum of Surgical Science, Links Hall, Comfort Station, Sector 2337, Roman Susan Gallery, Weinberg/Newton GalleryTCC Chicago, TriTriangle, The Chicago Home Theater Festival, 2nd Floor Rear Festival, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Oak Hill Center for Education and Culture.

Currently, Tannaz is working on a memoir about her grandmother through interviews and careful studies of over 160 notebooks that her grandmother kept since a year or so prior to the 1979 Enghelab, Revolution, to present day U.S. This memoir explores, not only her tremulous yet evolving relationship with her grandmother, but also the private and intimate ways her grandmother has navigated political trauma, emigration, dual-citizenship, patriotism, mental illness, and womanhood. Outside her artistic practice, she works as a standardized patient, an actor for medical simulation. She is also interested in pursuing an education in library sciences and archival work. 

You can reach her at motevallitannaz@gmail.com



Photo taken by Peymaan Motevalli-Aliabadi.